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July 6, 2010
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Tahiri Veila Sith Apprentice by saith100 Tahiri Veila Sith Apprentice by saith100
This is yet another interpretation of Tahiri Veila from the Star Wars Expended Universe.
This piece is set during Legacy of the force when Tahiri is working for Jacen as her Sith apprentice.

I've alreay done 2 fan arts featuring Tahiri, but I've been inspired when seing the cover for Fate of the jedi : Conviction starring miss Veila herself (you can see the cover here) wich I used as a reference for an older Tahiri (she's in her early thirties). I've also been using the interpretation from the Japanese cover of The final prophecy (you can see it here) wich is my favorite interpretation of her as a teenage. I hope I manage to make a credible job at unifying both.

I was so exited about this that I couldn't wait any longer to post it, but I might do changes later.

Don't hesitate to give full critique people.
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She's looking really gorgeous here... and for some reason I look at her and think "Now where have I seen the model/actress before?"
I like the contrast between the blue-tinted background and the areas that are tinted red by her lightsabre (yes, we all know the blade is way too long).
Lighting looks good. I will echo what someone else said about the scars not quite standing out enough.
All in all, I love this pic :)

Side note - the Japanese cover of "The Final Prophecy" is the pic that I referenced the most when I drew her too.
Very stellar.
I am a huge fan of Star Wars.
After the comics, books! And it's frustrating to not see the characters!
So thank you for drawing Tahiri! This is excellent, we have everything in her look : doubt and vengeance!
Thank you to you for all your work!
This is amazing!
Go on :)
Kingsdaughter613 May 23, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I really like this pic. It totally captures her.
woah, this is amazing!
Once agan, very nicely done! However, you say, "Tahiri is working for Jacen as her Sith apprentice". Jacen is a man, not a woman, so the sentence should read, "Tahiri is working for Jacen as his Sith apprentice". :nod:
This is amazing!! Really, so real. It's like a promo pic of a new dreamed SW movie.
DarthWill3 Aug 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's HOT!!! Take off all that top clothing, baby!
DarthWill3 Aug 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's HOT!!! Take off all that top clothing, baby!
Ah evil very hot! Nicely done!
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